Top 5 reasons why you need to go digital right now

B2B buyers are getting younger
“Digital natives” who grew up with the internet are now responsible for most B2B purchases. This demographic prefers researching and buying online. You’ll need an eCommerce solution to reach them.
B2B buyers love their mobile phones
We all love our mobile phones, and B2B buyers are no different. Mobile drives over 40% of revenue in leading B2B companies.1 Buyers may research products or place orders while on the road or at an outdoor worksite. If you don’t have mobile-friendly eCommerce platform, you will miss out on the opportunity to close more online sales.
Online content has a huge influence on sales
B2B buyers of all ages are shying away from the traditional sales process. 68% of B2B customers prefer researching independently online and 60% would rather not talk with a salesperson.2 This means your online content and experience will make or break your sales.
B2B buyers who shop online buy more
B2B buyers who shop online are likely to buy more, especially if you make it easy. By suggesting related products and offering easy reordering based on past orders, B2B companies are increasing sales. In a Forrester survey of B2B companies, 42% of respondents said the average order value of digital purchases was increasing.3
Going digital doesn't have to be complicated or costly
ODOTECH’s platform is ready to use with minimal setup and can be priced as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS). This means you don’t have to pay a huge upfront amount. Furthermore, our team of experienced industry experts can guide you through the process of onboarding existing customers and implementing the best B2B ecommerce practices.
1“Mobile Marketing and the New B2B Buyer”, Google & BCG, 2017.
2“The Ways & Means of B2B Buyer Journey Maps”, Forrester Research, Aug 2017.
3“Benchmarking Your B2Bmerce Performance”, Forrester Research, Dec 7, 2018.
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